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JSC “Kasandros grupe“ is doing road marking works as follows:
·         Roads, streets marking;
·         Carparks marking;
·         Airports (aerodromes) marking.
The specialist who is working in our enterprise can prepare marking project plans. Road marking works are done by Republic of Lithuania and European Union hold norms and law. Roads marking has time guarantee that is set by valid norms and that let us to ensure our done work quality. For marking are used good quality materials, that secure good visibility on roads at day and also at night time what is very important to drivers and other traffic participants.
Roads, streets, carparks and aerodromes marking work we are doing with:
·         Road paints;
·         Cold plastic, that could be chosen by requirement:
·         Flat,
·         Structural,
·         Profile.
We can do marking in every colour you want, for example white, black, red, yellow and others.
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